See AGU’s brand brand new electronic experience

See AGU’s brand brand new electronic experience

Paper Kinds

Research Articles present fully developed analysis, outcomes, and conversation of on medical subjects inside the range associated with log. They truly are likely to present brand new theories and unique ideas with their applications, as well as the outcomes should really be significant. Even though there isn’t any limitation of room, to encourage quality, and conciseness of presentation extra length charges are charged for manuscripts much longer than 25 book units. These manuscripts are managed by the staff that is 20% off editorial of log as they are typically delivered to numerous reviewers.

Research Letters (in Geophysical Research Letters) are communications-length articles on major systematic improvements in most geoscience that is major. Papers and really should have broad and implications that are immediate their control or over the geosciences.

Commentaries offer reflections or context around a current article in a AGU or any other log, a growing or controversial subject in a particular systematic field, a clinical subject with societal implications, or a current conference, session, or workshop. Although submitted to a certain log the viewers could be the broad planet and space technology community. Suggested size is 1-3 published pages (up to 6 publishing devices by having a dining table or figure). For further details see Commentaries in AGU Journals: instructions for Authors.

Review Articles are invited or submitted documents that review and synthesize literature that is recent a provided subject. Suggested size is 10-15 posted pages excluding references and supporting material (a maximum of 30 publishing devices with roughly 6 figures or tables).

Feedback elaborate, criticize, or proper documents formerly posted in AGU journals. Commentary are limited by the same as 2 pages that are publishedabout 5 publishing devices).

Replies are compiled by the authors associated with paper being commented on. Replies are restricted to the same as 2 published pages (about 5 publishing devices).

Frontier Articles (in Geophysical Research Letters) are invited articles that present overview of present cutting-edge improvements in a respected field that is scientific the forefront of 1 or several AGU disciplines, if at all possible including brand brand new outcomes.

Technical Reports: Data papers describe important Earth and area technology information sets and findings, including those who help innovative research and theoretical developments published somewhere else. The documents should offer a good example of an appropriate clinical application to show the effectiveness regarding the information. The data set may make reference to experimental studies, lab dimensions, modeling output, or findings. These documents should not surpass 13 Publication units.

Technical Reports: Methods papers describe brand brand new analytical or experimental practices as well as other technical improvements, including computer programs and instrumentation, that enable brand new science. These documents must not meet or exceed 13 Publication Units and can typically consist of one or more illustrative instance application.

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